Welcome to PrairiePine Collies!

Our goal is to produce healthy collies with correct type.. and elegance is an absolute must!

Although we are a small kennel, in 2019 we had both a rough and smooth in the top 5 in Canada with limited showing!

With each breeding we aspire to produce Collies that can achieve their American and Canadian Championships, be competitive in the group ring, participate in herding, agility, and quite simply, be great companion dogs.

Collies will…

Be an anchor in bad times, a ballast amid uncertainty, a dose of humility when things might be going a little too well. They will be a sanctuary, a confidant and an occasional excuse. They regard it as their personal mission to make you laugh. They never, ever say the wrong thing, and it’s impossible to be in a bad mood around them.

That’s why we love them so!

Susan Minard


"All along, they live by one simple mantra: Count me in.
Maybe I should be embarrassed to admit that a dog can change a person
... But I am not."


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