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A true, heart-warming story about one of our beloved Collies
ZEKE (AM/C Ch. Afterhours Nightwind)

An Angel in the Night
by Diana Johnson as told to Mary J. Yerkes
©2004 Mary J. Yerkes. All rights reserved.

With the long, dark winter finally behind us, a brisk March wind
ushered in spring – and on its heels, an angel in the night.

Forrest carefully tucked Lauren, the last of our five children, into her car seat as a sudden gush of wind caught the bottom of his coat, causing it to flap wildly behind him. The wind was unusually bad, making the short drive to the airport difficult. From the passenger's seat, I watched Forrest’s knuckles grip the top of the steering wheel as he fought to keep our minivan from drifting into the next lane. It seemed a fitting metaphor to describe the past year – it had been a real white-knuckle ride!

Mary J. Yerkes is a freelance writer. She lives in Virginia with her husband, Paul, and her collie, Misha. When not practicing Misha's sit/stay, they enjoy sheepherding in the beautiful Shenendoah valley. To learn more about Mary, visit her website at

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