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MBISS, BPISS, MBPIS, MBPIG GChB. Headline Prairirpine’s Out Of This World “Mars”

(MBISS GCHG Southland Aurealis Island Nights (CCA BOB ‘23) x MBISS GCHS Headline’s Flair For The Dramatic (CCA BOB ’22, BOV ’19, ’21, ‘23)

Brynn Group 3.jpg

Am Ch. & Can GCH Afterhour’s Diamond In the Rough at VanIsle


(Am GCH. Headline’s Soldier of Light X Afterhours Mistress of the Realm)


MBPIG BPISS Can Ch. Headline PrairiePine’s Firework “Katy” (13 AKC points)

(AM GCH Headline’s Golden Marquis x AM GCHS Headline’s Flair for the Dramatic CCA BOB ’22, BOV ’19, 21, 23)

beth DSC_2208.jpg

Am/Can GCH. BPIS Prairiepine Afterhours Lady Million RN HIC


(Am. Ch. Afterhours Rocks The House X Am Ch. Keltic Afterhours Interlude)


Can Ch. VanIsles Diamond Girl “Ember”

(MBISS AM GCHG Southland Aurealis Island Nights ROM, CCA BOB ’23, Select dog ’21 & ’22 X AM CH./CAN GCH. Afterhours Diamond in the Rough at VanIsle ROM)

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