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 AM Ch. CGCH Headline Prairiepine’s Firework “Katy”

(AM GCH Headline’s Golden Marquis x AM GCHS Headline’s Flair for the Dramatic CCA BOB ’22, BOV ’19, 21, 23)

Katy is an exquisitely beautiful gal that we are delighted to own! Her headpiece is as clean as glass and that FACE! Her melting expression is exactly what our standard calls for. She finished in Canada unbeaten from the classes and took several BPIG’s plus a BPISS!

She then headed stateside and shown only 5 times, pick up 4 majors (three specialty!) Katy also took her huge class at CCA under Tom Coen!

Beautifully presented by Jenna Cruthers in Canada and Theresa in the US.

Owned by Susan Minard and Theresa Ballantyne

Bred by Theresa Ballantyne and Connie Sutter

Katy 1.jpg
Katy Candid 4.jpg
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