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Headline PrairiePine’s Fly With Me at Brackenbrae "Brock"

(AM GCH Headline’s Golden Marquis x AM GCHS Headline’s Flair for the Dramatic CCA BOB ’22, CCA BOV ’19,’21,’23)

Brock is of Classic and wonderful type, long clean head, wonderful neck and glorious body. Bright and Bold and INCREDIBLY athletic, this boy is what dreams are made of!

At the Collie Club of America, In an entry of over 60 class males, Brock takes RWD at only 9 months of age!!! Thank you to Breeder/Judge Maret Halinen!

Presented is the US by Theresa Ballantyne and in Canada by Monique Arpin and Carolyn Cybulsky

Owners: Elizabeth Redfern, Susan Minard and Theresa Ballantyne

Breeders: Theresa Ballantyne and Connie Sutter

Brock cca_edited
Brock and WD faceoff
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